LS One


The LS One suite includes a Site Manager that handles all back-office operations, a Point of Sale that handles customer transactions and other POS procedures. It works as a standalone terminal, unaffected by down-time or in online mode with the Site Service.

The Site Service allows the POS to access the central database, suspend transactions and make real-time updates. The Data Director allows a Head Office to send and retrieve data to and from sites. The solution is tailored to grow with your business, from one terminal to multiple sites with multiple terminals. LS One products cater specifically to your needs.

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User Interface
  • Dynamic user interface
  • Multiple Language Options
  • Dual Display
  • CCTV Support


  • Loyalty Cards
  • Offers and Promotions
  • Multiple Discount Options
  • Gift Certificates/Vouchers


  • Multiple Tender Transaction Types
  • Customer Accounts Transactions
  • Customer Account Prices and Discounts
  • Exchanges, Refunds and Voids
  • Suspend/Resume Transaction
  • Consignment Sales


  • Price Lookup
  • Inventory Lookup
  • Item Dimensions
  • Item Comments
  • Infocodes
  • Generate Customer Statements
  • Track Customer Purchases
  • Loyalty Points


  • Generate Purchase Orders
  • Returns to Vendors
  • Multiple Items/Multiple Vendors


  • Stock Counting
  • Inter-Store Transfers


  • Configurable User Access Rights
  • Personalized Display
  • Training Mode


  • Sales Journal
  • Copy/Duplicate Receipts
  • User Configured Receipts
  • Income/Expense Accounts


  • Sales Reports
  • Inventory Reports
  • Customer Reports
  • Vendor Reports
  • Purchasing Reports

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